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You will set goals, stay accountable, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your successes along the way.

You will gain effective stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and boundary-setting strategies to reduce stress levels and maintain balance in your life.

Here is what people tell me:

"Coach Brett helped formulate a plan that was designed to make my reinvention a pleasurable reimagination of the possible versus a fearful loss of the tried-and-true routine."


"Coach Brett and I connected on many levels and quickly moved past any barriers between two people that did not know each other. What he offers clients is invaluable, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration on my goals."

"I genuinely believe in his Coaching Program and find myself always carrying Coach Brett’s words with me, especially when I am mentoring my own staff."

Areas of Collaboration

  • Professional Development

  • Reinvent Oneself

  • Goal Setting

  • Retirement

  • Balance

  • Workplace Re-Entry

  • Career

  • Self-Care

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Book a Discovery Call

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Coach Brett to establish a foundation of trust and understanding, identify your needs and goals, and determine if coaching is the best approach to support you in achieving your desired outcomes.

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About Coach Brett

As a Coach, I help you reinvent yourself to exceed your personal and professional potential. I walk with you on your journey to becoming your best self while finding passion and purpose in life. I apply a professional skill set to support you in discovering and achieving your Ideal Life.

As a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, I help retirees create and implement successful transition strategies. My goal is to make sure you don't run out of family, friends, good health, and purpose. I help you win at retirement.

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Goal Getters Tips


"For those about to embark on that journey into retirement or even your next life chapter, I highly recommend you get yourself some coaching.  Coach Brett helped formulate a plan that was designed to make my reinvention a pleasurable reimagination of the possible vs. a fearful loss of the tried-and-true routine.  He offered me wisdom and held me accountable to ensure my desired outcome was achieved.  My results have been rewarding thanks to Coach Brett!" -CF
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